7 Designer Clothing Brands in Europe You Need To Know


Designer Clothing Brands

Designer clothes have long been a part of the fashion world. With the increase in slow fashion brands recently, design products have started to diversify and the number of brands offering design products has started to go up. In this article, we will discuss the brands that you need to know in Europe and that offer design products to their customers.

What Is Designer Clothing

Designer products are the forms of clothing that we can define as high quality and haute couture, which are produced by a designer and carry this designer's label. 

The brands given in the article are listed in a mixed order, and various old and new brands that appeal to different audiences are included.


7. Gucci

We start our list with Gucci, one of the oldest design brands in Europe and well-known to everyone. Founded by Guccio Gucci in 1921, the brand is known for its extravagant designs. The brand, which is preferred by many celebrities and known all over the world, continues to be preferred and mentioned with its different designs and high quality fabrics. Visit Gucci >>


6. Escada

Escada is a design brand based in Munich. The brand, which mostly works on women's clothing, was founded in 1978.  Known for its creative designs, the brand draws attention with its unusual color palette and blending of different patterns. Visit Escada >>


5. Armedangels

Armedangels is a clothing brand that embraces sustainable fashion principles, founded in Cologne, Germany in 2007. Armedangels manufactures it's designs from materials that are not harmful to the environment, such as natural cotton. The brand shows that it is also conscious of social issues and takes responsibility and mostly works with companies that are certificate as being fair trade. Visit Armedangels >>


4. Monki

Monki  is a brand founded in Gothenburg Switzerland and oriented towards an alternative style of clothing, mostly streetwear. The brand, which has produced bold collections on issues such as gender equality and sisterhood, draws attention with its distinctive, edgy and  youthful style. Visit Monki >>


3. Etro

Etro is a fashion house based in Italy known for the fabrics and different patterns it produces. The brand offers both women's and men's clothing collections and they focus on classic style designs. Visit Etro >>


2. Moonchild Yoga Wear

Moonchild yoga wear, a Danish origin brand, is a brand that stands out with the products it designs and the colors it uses, inspired by the Scandinavian nature. The brand produces sports and yoga clothing for women and also adheres to sustainable fashion principles. Visit Moonchild Yoga Wear >>


1. P.A.L

P.A.L is an environmentally friendly and cruelty-free fashion brand that breathes new life into fashion!  The brand, created with the motto of protecting animal lifes, offers products made of completely environmentally friendly and vegan fabrics. The products, all of which are certified for recycling, are produced sustainably within the framework of the slow fashion principle. In addition to the unique signature design consisting of 40 different animals, there are also labels printed in Brille alphabet in 3D, where you can learn about one of these animals that come with your products.  Shop the store >>


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