7 Ethical Clothing Brands That You Need To Know in Europe


Ethical Fashion

What is Ethical (Fair) Fashion?

The fashion world is a huge industry behind it's colorful, bright and attractive products we all see. Fashion industry which consists of production, distribution and consumption networks like all other industries, has recently attracted attention with both the damage it causes to nature and the unfair working conditions of the workers of many brands. In the face of all this, we have ethical (fair) fashion with it's different working principals.

If we talk about  ethical (fair) fashion. It covers issues affecting all stages of the industry from production onwards. On the one hand, there are human-oriented ethical behaviors such as fair worker wages, purchasing raw materials at fair prices, and fair wages for distribution staff, on the other hand, we have things like  using organic products and producing without harming the nature.

Why Do We Need To Choose Ethical Fashion Products

Although personal values and the idea of what is right and wrong are very important at this point, choosing ethical fashion products for the future of our planet and workers' rights and supporting these brands are important for ecological and social changes that we want and need to see in the future. 

Therefore, in this blog post, we have compiled seven ethical fashion brands as suggestions for all of you.


7. Glore

 Glore, which stands for "globally responsible fashion"  It is an online platform where ethical and green clothing brands based in Hamburg, Munich, Nuremberg and Stuttgart can be found. The products sold on the platform are GOTS certified, some products are also Fair Trade certified. It is possible to find many products for men and women on the platform. Visit Glore >>


6. Greenality

Greeanlity is a brand founded in 2008 in Stuttgart. On the brand's online platform, it is possible to find products that are both their own and produced by other brands. They have a wide range of products such as  pullovers, T-shirts, shirts. Visit Greenality >>


5. Zündstoff

Zündstoff is a brand that serves both online and with a shop in Freiburg. Zündstoff, which sells both its own products and ethical fashion products of different brands, their own products are GOTS certified. The brand, which has almost all clothing products, also sells non-textile products such as coffee, cosmetics, books, but they are still ethically produced. Visit Zündstoff >>


4. WunderWerk

Founded in Düsseldorf, the brand with the motto "More than organic" produces trendy, sustainable and ethical products for men and women. The brand, which avoids both materials that will harm human health and materials that will harm the environment, claims to be a "Lovebrand" for users, in its own words. Visit WunderWerk >>


3. Wijld

Wijld stands out as one of the most interesting brands on the list. The brand, which deserves a special place in the list with its products made from wood, also produces clothes that are antibacterial. Visit Wijld >>


2. ThokkThokk

The brand we mentioned in our previous articles can be considered quite popular. Brand, which mostly produces outerwear products and t-shirts, has quite extraordinary designs. The brand produces from organic cotton and adopts a sustainable and vegan production model. Working with many international designers, the brand also offers products such as sweater and socks.              Visit ThokkThokk>>


1. P.A.L


As we mentioned in our other posts before, P.A.L (Protect Animal Lives) is  a Swiss-based brand that embodies many ethical principles as it is  eco-friendly, sustainable and vegan! They produce every order one by one and adopted an ethical business perspective. The brand, which attaches particular importance to the issue of animal rights, is produced from completely vegan fabrics in a fair and ethical manner. The brand plants a sapling for every product that they sold. Shop the store>>



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