7 Sustainable Clothing Brands You Need To Know in Europe


Sustainable Clothing Brands

While the concept of sustainability has started to appear more and more in different fields of our day to day lives, we need to touch on the subject of sustainable fashion. What is sustainable fashion? Why do we need it and what are the clothing brands that adopt sustainable fashion you should be aware of?

What is Sustainable Fashion

Sustainable fashion is basically a term that covers clothes, shoes and accessories that are produced/marketed/reached ethically taking into account both environmental and socio-economic aspects. The biggest difference that distinguishes sustainable fashion from eco-friendly fashion is that eco-friendly fashion products are produced without harming the environment, and this is the main element that is taken into consideration. On the other hand, sustainable fashion is a concept based on ethical principles from several different perspectives.

Why Do We Need Sustainable Fashion

The industrialization of fashion has led to many long-term problems with economic and social consequences. Some problems such as environmental pollution, cheap labor, rising carbon emissions are just a few of the problems caused by today's fast fashion industry. Against all this, we now need sustainable fashion with ethical principles.

So what are the seven sustainable fashion brands you should know in Europe?


7. EarthPositive

EarthPositive is a brand that belongs to Continental Clothing company based in Berlin. The company has three collections designed in London. The brand uses organic cotton in its products, while its sister collection called "Salvage" contain  recycled material. The company works according to Fair Wear Foundation (FWF) standards and is also certified to the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS).  Visit EarhtPositive >>

6. Armedangels

 We talked about the Armedangels brand in our last blog postArmedangels is a clothing brand that embraces sustainable fashion principles, founded in Cologne, Germany in 2007. Armedangels manufactures it's designs from materials that are not harmful to the environment, such as natural cotton. The brand shows that it is also conscious of social issues and takes responsibility and mostly works with companies that are certificate as being fair trade. Visit Armedangels >>

5. Kuyichi

Kuyichi was founded by the Dutch organization Solidaridad in 2001. The brand includes primarily fair and organically produced clothes and accessories.  According brand, they are particularly committed to sustainability and are a member of the Fair Wear Foundation. The brand also uses recycled materials alongside organic cotton.  Visit Kuyichi >>

4. Fuxbau

Fuxbau is a brand founded 7 years ago in Münster by five friends. Adopting fair fashion, the brand also carries out different aid projects. The brand's first aid project is the one they did in Namibia in 2014. However, fuxbau, a sustainable brand, produces with the motto less but better. Like many other brands on the list, fuxbau is a member of FWF and has GOTS certificate. Visit Fuxbau >>

3. Lovjoi

Lovjoi, a sustainable and eco-fashion brand, has been producing since 2014 and brings two new collections to people every year. The materials they use are produced fairly and they have certificates like OEKO-TEX®-Standard 100. The brand produces not only in Germany but also in Portugal, and all production-distribution processes are carried out fairly.     Visit Lovjoi >>

2. Manomama

Manomama is a believer in the motto of making the world better every day, even if we cannot change it. In this context, the brand, which was established in Germany in 2010, has been producing sustainable clothing and avoiding the use of harmful chemicals in the clothes it produces. The raw materials used by the brand, which produces only textile products and production place is in Ausburg, are also regional, they attach importance to transparency, sustainability and fair fashion. Visit Manomama >>

1. P.A.L

P.A.L (Protect Animal Lives), a Swiss-based brand, embodies many ethical principles as it is both eco-friendly and sustainable. The brand, which attaches particular importance to the issue of animal rights, is produced from completely vegan fabrics in a fair and ethical manner. The brand, which took action for the animals in the region after the fire in Turkey, also plants a sapling for every product that they sold.. The brand, which includes the Brille alphabet on its clothing labels, takes care to be ethical and inclusive by embracing many different parts of the society Shop the store >>

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