7 Vegan Clothing Brands That You Should Know in Europe



Vegan Fashion

Veganism is a very popular concept today, and it is a phenomenon that is desperately needed for the future of our planet. Vegan and eco-friendly alternatives replace our old habits in many sectors, not just food sector. Fashion has also become one of the sectors that adopt vegan production. So how much do we know about vegan fashion? or what we know about vegan clothing brands in Europe? In this article, you will have information about vegan clothing and you will get to know briefly vegan clothing brands in Europe.

What is Vegan Fashion?

Vegan clothing products are products made from cruelty free materials, mostly produced in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way. vegan fashion sector is a sector that consists of products produced by using natural alternatives instead of products such as leather, cashmere and sheep wool.

Why Should We Choose Vegan Fashion?

Many of the clothes in our closets may contain materials derived from animals such as wool, leather and fur. This is a situation that can be questioned morally as well as its effects on the environment. Many animals are harmed in the process of obtaining these materials. Also, the fast clothing industry, which is a very large industry, causes serious damage to the environment and ecological balance with the wastes it creates and the size of its consumption capacity. Both the future of the planet and ethical values can be the reason for us to choose vegan clothing.

Below you can find seven vegan clothing brands in Europe that we think you should know.


7.Bleed Clothing

 Setting out with the motto ,,No torture, no murder, no poison!'' , the brand has very modern lines and produces streetwear both men and women. In addition, the brand that makes 100% environmentally friendly production is PETA  approved! Visit Bleed Clothing>>

6. Göttin des Glücks

Göttin des Glücks, an Austrian brand, that designs its own products, offers a wide range and variety of products to the buyer. The brand, where it is possible to find both sports and classic products, has both FAIRTRADE and GOTS certificates. Visit Göttin des Glücks>>

5. ThokkThokk

The brand, which mostly produces outerwear products and t-shirts, has quite extraordinary designs. The brand produces from organic cotton and adopts a sustainable and vegan production model. Working with many international designers, the brand also offers products such as sweater and socks.              Visit ThokkThokk>>

4. Monkee Genes

Monkee Genes is a GOTS certified denim brand that uses recycled materials and fabrics made entirely of bamboo. The brand, which makes completely ethical and environmentally friendly production, has many jeans designs. Visit Monkee Genes>>

3. Stanley and Stella

Stanley and Stella, a Belgian brand, offer many different products in the categories of women, men, teenager and children. The brand, which makes completely sustainable productions, has various designs that appeal to different age groups and gender groups. The brand also prints your individual designs. Visit Stanley/Stella>>


Founded with the motto of ignorance no more, the brand draws attention with its young and dynamic designs. It draws attention as a sustainable clothing brand that allows the brand designers, to generate income by including their work. they mostly produce outwear. Visit Coromandel>>

1. P.A.L

P.A.L (Protect Animal Lives), a Swiss-based brand, embodies many ethical principles as it is  eco-friendly, sustainable and vegan! The brand, which attaches particular importance to the issue of animal rights, is produced from completely vegan fabrics in a fair and ethical manner. The brand plants a sapling for every product that they sold. Shop the store>>



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