P.A.L is a sustainable brand brings a whole new meaning to the fashion world. As an animal friendly brand, we support cruelty free fashion and prefer Vegan fabrics. All fabrics that we use in our collections produced in Turkey and they all have GRS(Global Recycle Standart) certificate and European Union’s V-Label Patent.

Therefore we are an eco friendly brand, we have a unique pattern which gives us to create awareness about animals. In our unique pattern, there are illustrated forty animals which consists not only endangered but also least concerned ones. To create awareness we send different information tags with each clothing that gives information about animals. Because we are #palforall, our information tags are 3D printed and Braille translated for visually impaired people.


Nature and animals are important for P.A.L, and that is what makes us P.A.L.


"Be stylish without being harmful to the environment."

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